One year (on a fixed location) or 2000 hours (otherwise) on parts only subject to use of appropriate fluids and provided that the installation (equipment) is used and maintained according to our instructions, including the following:

  • • Electrical supply varying between –5 to + 5% of rated voltage without micro power failures.
  • • Combustible supply for propane (LPG) gas or natural (NAT) with properties close to reference values, and free of methanol, olefins, propylene, with at least 25% of the tank filled.
  • • Operation in compatible atmospheres, e.g. never used in air saturated with silicones, halogens, hydrogen, acids or corrosive fumes, or non-flammable dusts (mineral and metallic).
  • • Adhering to suitable usage rates; Regular inspections of equipment and liquid flows with calibrated instruments.